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PS: Tracer Li-Poly does have a special certification to use/transport on aircraft.

Certified Safe………….

“All Tracer Lithium-Poly batteries conform to standard UN 38.3 which is the ONLY relevant safety standard for lithium batteries. Our battery packs have been through a rigorous testing procedure by UN certified inspectors. You should NEVER handle a non-certified lithium battery pack.”

Above: The 22 amp and 7 amp units as used in our systems, also 10 watt FT817…de Ed

“I have personally used these units for systems in South Africa/The Gambia and had no problems in shipping the units”….de Ed


421 MULTIBAND RESONANT END FED PRICES: Built with MIL Spac Kevlar braided wire.

150 watt pep version £75.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

250 watt pep versions £85.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

400 watt pep superb unit £95.00 (in stocks UK p/p £11.00)

1000 watt pep £135.00 (UK p/p £12 ) This unit uses a MEGA core type 43 and HD PTFE 7 MHz resonator.

P/P is UK special delivery at cost price insured for £500.00

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