Hi Geoff, As mentioned, I have brought my new G Whip 421 end-fed down to South Africa to accompany my KX3. It’s currently strung up at 2m AGL outside our national park bungalow and I’m working a local contest on 40m. First contact 700km with 5w and no problems. Second contact 500km with 59 report received. It’s a great traveling antenna. Best 73 Nigel ZS2/GJ7LJJ

This is a superb made unit and works very well on 10/20/40 Mtrs at just 12 mtrs long, during tests we worked 125 DXCC Countries in 12 hours under poor HF conditions. In 4 weeks since its’ release we have sent out over 100 units and the reports have been fantastic. Check the info and prices page for pricing and stock situation….Ed