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What they say about quality and performance! Just a few of the reports......read on!

The Base Dipole


Posted By M0MAQ

Base and balun antennas

Just wanted to add over the past few years I have purchased several antennas from Geoff resulting in some of the best contacts I have ever achieved, the quality, design and build is second to none. As well as the G Whip base antenna I recently purchased the multi band Widebander and a choke, within minutes the results and easy of use was exceptional, in the early days I have bought some antennas which when you got them home never lived up to what they say they do. I am so confident whenever I buy a G Whip antenna it will perform as expected, confident the quality will last for many years....................................Eric M0MAQ

Posted by M0CZV

Hi, when I came around to see you I was impressed to see the G Whip base antenna in action, if I recall the antenna was only about 6 feet off the ground and connected to an FT817 and you worked an OK station at S9 both ways with 2.5 watts. The absence of an ATU made me realise that I have fallen into bad habits over the years, tending to rely on Auto ATU’s to cover all eventualities.

I have owned a competing product for over a year (Buddipole), and was always afraid that the flimsy telescopic whips would be ruined with a slight gust of wind!  Not so with the G-Whip. Stainless steel makes sure that our climate doesn’t prematurely shorten the lifespan of this antenna and would agree reading your statement that this antenna is made to a military specification.
May I wish you luck with future sales, I think that when word catches on, G Whip will become a household name once again!
Kind regards, Ian Ross  M0CZV...................and, so impressed that I bought one!......thanks Ian


Geoff, Despite the cold and a garden full of melted water, snow and mud I couldn't resist trying the GWB today - especially after all the effort you put into speeding along the build, testing and delivery in what must have been the worst weather of the winter!  The supplied personalised test results for my antenna was a real surprise, but given the attention to detail and solid build quality it was the icing on the cake and a
great boost in confidence that all was well and it would work. Which it certainly did - in the limited time I had to run a test it tuned on 80
and on 17 with minimal fuss and on 17,  I worked a couple of East coast State-side stations receiving 59 and 56 reports back (59 and 57 with me)
and then 59 both ways from Bosnia. The only problem I had was the proximity to the large trees and shrubs in the garden which had an
impact on tuning at different heights as it's difficult to get the antenna in the clear - this shouldn't be a problem when I can get out /P which was the main reason for getting the antenna.  Roll on the warmer days!   Thanks for a great piece of kit. Kevin. M0KSJ...............thanks Kevin. 


Today, I had a contact with a VA station near Quebec.  Contact was initially made using my Comet H422 (in a V format) at 20 feet using a barefoot FT2000. During the QSO I switched to my G Whip base antenna which was also at 20 feet without any noticeable difference in signal strength in either direction.  An amazing performance for an antenna about ½ the length of the Comet!   I am a PW subscriber so have read the review and wholeheartedly support it. Many thanks for a fine product especially as it is British! ..........Alan G0RTH   "A satisfied customer". ................thanks Alan 


My friend, the G Whip commercial base antenna is good for us, we are Shell oil and use the allocation here in Africa on 4MHz - 5MHz, we try Codan, we try Q Mac, but G Whip is best results, best quality, solid antenna....................... Thank you.......Nadir. Shell Oil Africa Office


Very pleased with the unit especially on 160 Mtrs, like listening and have no big garden to put up a long-wire, if you use the centre only it is fabulous for general short-wave coverage with the 7Mhz coils, only 15 foot long........Peter Grimsby. Cambridge......PS want the loop antenna


What quality! the build quality and components are superb and will last a lifetime. I worked lots on 80 Mtrs this week, really pleased and thanks for the FREE Top band coils and 70MHz whips, it is a bargain for the quality and results I am getting................Stephen G7 (callsign with held by request).


Mad selling it for this price, the engineering work that has gone into this aerial is brilliant, I used a fishing rod to do what you have done (and had to use a tuner) and it lasted about 10 days before it fell to the floor in bits, good luck with a truly superb British Product that I discovered in Practical Wireless......Joe Sillario


I was amazed at the quality! solid as a rock, I can change the system in seconds for different bands or frequency's.............Superb buy Alan Discole.


Geoff, I received mine beautifully packed, looked at it and it is just brilliant in construction, so, put it in the loft and set it up as per personalised spec-sheet, it was way out of resonance probably due to the rafters and other junk in the loft, after 2 hours up/down in the loft I finally got there, spot on VSWR @ 3.725 MHz @ 1.2 /1. works great and can also drop in the tuner if I want to move HF/LF,(don't shout at me as I know an antenna should always be resonant), it has given me operation on 80 which I never had before due to limited antenna restrictions outdoors.........tks Harry G3....(Callsign withheld at request)


Geoff, Just a note to say that I now have the shipment. It took a while to arrive because of the snow and other competing commitments in the days that followed. I got the chance to check the contents at the weekend and it all looks fine. In fact I’d say this is the best constructed pair of antennas I have ever seen. Simon G4SGI ...............


This is antenna is just great...........................Pablo Avlavris PY7....(My Friend Fred bought it for me in the UK)


Geoff, all received ok, the packing was FAB, when I opened everything up I was amazed, wow is this built well or what? it is the best piece of amateur radio equipment I have ever purchased. I had lots of QSOs on 20 today, into the USA/Canada even to W5...................Thanks Douglas G3.....


Hi Geoff, Thanks for delivery on my requested day it was a great help to me .
I must say that packaging was about as good as you could get and nothing less than Earthquake proof. When I unpacked the antenna pieces it was instantly noticeable to me the engineering put into this kit it is very very good, all the parts are made from completely rust proof quality materials and are very robust in there construction. Instructions are very easy to follow and are well printed and laminated so even they will last forever.
 It took me about 45 minuets to get it put together and out into the garden mounted at just six foot above the ground to do the very simple tuning for the required for the elements. I first tried 20mts (still at six foot high) and put a cq call out and was answered back by a chap in Malta, he gave me a report of 5 and 7 next a station in Bulgaria gave me 5 and 5. Next I tried the 40mts coils, retuned and worked European stations with ease. I am fully aware that this antenna is a compromise and not in the same league as a Yagi or dedicated Dipole but I have to say it works and the quality of it is more than worth the current asking price and will last many years in the outdoors. If anyone wants any further details on my findings just get in touch with me via email, you can find the address on my callsign G7OEM on QRZ. ,,,,,Thanks again Geoff, from a very satisfied customer.......Best Regards,     Tony G7OEM

The huge package arrived today. WOW that's a very serious Tripod with some very serious packing. I was gob smacked.!! Next I put it together in seconds and I must say I am very impressed with the whole thing. Like the antenna it is rock solid and will last a life time.......Best Regards..............Tony  G7OEM


I have had great fun with this antenna this Summer season with Sporadic E on 28MHz and 50MHz, I have limited garden space, this unit is good and takes up so little space. I would like to buy another one for my holiday home in Spain..............73 Joel: France


Geoff, Just a quick note to say thanks for the antenna - it's working well, and filling a gap in my capabilities very nicely indeed. Best 73, Andy GØJLX


The Backpacker: 


Well it did not take me long to get this hooked up to the Icom 756 Pro III, 3 'S' points better than the G5RV located here in the garden.  Will be /p this afternoon from a local high spot with the FT 817.
What can I say - another superb piece of engineering! It will be taken on holiday down to Dorset next month, and will have all the time in the world to play....Many, many thanks.....73's...Mike M0AZE

Hi Geoff, I thought just let you know how the antenna is working , I have mounted it on a fibre glass mast that goes from 7ft to to 33ft worked quite a lot of stations on psk31 on 40 . I thought I would change coils this weekend and go on 14MHz this evening. I have a 66ft doublet up at 33ft as well ,switching between the both I heard a state side station so went into the garden turned your antenna  north to south straight away rx signal went from s9 to 20+ so I thought I would have ago. Well 30 minutes of calling l but I got through W3JK in New York confirmed my call and location and remember that's 10 watts only, not bad, very happy indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hope your well Geoff I will send you some pictures of the setup soon....Gary M6GJS

Posted By M0GNA

Superb build.

I have got to say this is the best base/portable antenna I have ever had or likely to have. The build quality is of the highest standard i have seen, its like owning a Rolls Royce. Geoff builds them to order and keeps you informed as to its progress, its like being fitted for a Saville Row suit. It out performs my G5RV and knocks the socks of all other portable arrangement i have used. The build quality, the way it performs on the air and the fantastic service Geoff provides puts this antenna head and shoulders above the rest...................Alan


Resonant End Fed Reports.

Resonant antennas, "simply the best", "a no compromise stealth antenna", "precise attention to detail"...................that is what the users say!

Hundreds of them!!!!



..............From the Master himself Frank Pardy "The G Whip man GW3DZJ" now back on the air.............

Hi Geoff, Just to let you know I put the 20m end fed  up on the bungalow eves and as a sloper it worked fine.  Got an S9 from Italy and worked a DL then a K1 and couple UA's on CW , heard a few VKs as well. The W1 at S9 plus 20 didn't come back to me though......perhaps cos his 4 Yagis on a 60ft tower was pulling in the other big boys on freq  Hi!    Only joking . Just got to get my stiff cw wrist going again after 50 yrs away from a key  ( I was a telegraphist in RAF ), stand more chance qso,s that way. Thanks for the opportunity get back on air again, 73  Frank GW3DZJ

Report from Richard G4WFR....................I went out to the New Forest today as there is plenty of space to play radio & tested the G Whip resonant end fed antenna out. It worked very well & my first QSO was with VK4 this afternoon followed by other VK’s, 9M6 & YB4 plus East & West coast USA & some Europeans. I was using my TS2000 with 100W running off the car battery.

(Feed point at top of mast, sloping to ground, G Whip End Fed 20 Mtrs: NOTE: Mast not supplied)

Using a similar idea the feed point can be mounted under the house gutter/eaves and sloped down the garden: (Note: No mast supplied)

Hi Geoff, well got mine at last due to postal strike and I must say how well it is built and packaged, went upstairs and lobbed it out of the window, tied the connecting box to the gutter, connected the coax, went to the radio, found a clear spot put out a CQ and back came a VE7! Wow!!! Wife does even not know it's there!..Magic and a nice piece of kit! .....Mike G4

I have just bought a Zepp for 20 Mtrs, it is made by ??? and is the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought, yours however, is superb, Richard G4WFR is right! it is fantastic.

Superb! best antenna I have ever had for 20 Mtrs................Dennis Dyke The Netherlands

Allan G7VQV says................worked W7 on internet via gateway......then organised contact via RF mode and worked him direct! WOW and now I have the 40 mtr version as well.

Pete G3!!! had to laugh at this, a box, a wire, Went out /p on 20 mtrs..................holy moses! pile up after pile up, they thought I had a BIG amp, what a product and unbreakable wire............... G Whip you have a blinding product here.

Arrived yet??? Yes  thank you,  arrived at around 4 o'clock this afternoon, impressed with both packing and hardware. In almost indecent haste after unpacking and eating,  put the 15mtr one up in lieu of a guy wire on the inv L antenna,  checked the swr on the Autek and spot on.........Gave single call to ST2AR  thru pile up....599,  Then replied to a CQ from VE7SV.....single call again...  579 and during the chat was told   I was one of the only European stns he could hear.  Run the Pro 111  at about  90 watts,  so it's looking promising..  Given decent wx tomorrow I'll try the other 2 and let you know how I get on.  Give it a week or so to cover the vagaries of HF conditions. 73 Jack Batham G3LNC  

Well I am back for more, very impressed with the 20m version I bought from you last year. Do you have the 40 Mtr one in stock?....Thanks  Alistair 2I0ROC

What you can do with 5 watts and a resonant antenna.....................no tuner

We headed up the hills a few days before Christmas with a Yaesu FT-817 and a NorCal CW box. it was absolutely freezing so we fixed up a 10m pole attached to a farmers post and ran the 20m resonant end fed with the feeder along the ground. It may have been better with the box in the air but it was so cold we wanted fast results and we were set up and back in the car in minutes. We started with the 817 and were getting  Italy, Hungary and Serbia with just 5 watts and good reports on the quality of  our signal, and it was the same impressive stuff with the little NorCal. I’m sure there’s more to be had by experimenting with position although on the day we favoured the warmth of the car. Overall its 10/10 from me on construction, performance and ease of set up for mobile QRP use, without doubt it’s a quality bit of kit. Best Regards   Dave 2W0DRB

What you can do with 10 watts and a resonant antenna.....................no tuner

G Whip resonant end fed antennas......................These are the proverbial “mutts nuts”!


I bought a 20m version, put it on a pole that was lying around my garage about 8ft long, cable tied it to my fence, pulled out the wire radiator & jammed it to the top of my fence (about 5ft high) without insulating it, checked VSWR and the needle hardly moved at all, I answered a CQ from North America at about lunch time using only my allowed 10w and got a perfectly acceptable 59 report straight back, then South France with 57! The antenna was between two houses, low down as I have said, and orientation not even considered. The engineering of these antennas is bullet proof, you can throw a line (included in the package) over a tree or tied to the roof of your house, or on a pole / tower / anything else handy for that matter, at home or portable, & be on the air in minutes without an ATU, perfectly resonant on the band, & not wasting power in a lossy ATU . The Zepp’s come packaged in a box approx 9” by 4” so don’t take up much room when not in use or transporting or you can leave up permanently as they are tested in storms etc and the radiator is green Kevlar so semi hidden in the air and also unbreakable and will last a lifetime. I have since been back and now have 5 of them (different bands). Why mess about with compromise antennas and suffer TVI when you can make life simple for yourself with a resonant end fed? Oh and another thing --- they are too cheap!!! (remember no ATU to buy). Geoff is so helpful also, he answered all my emails very quickly, even when out of the country in Japan, he offers his free advice on anything you care to ask about, with no obligation. I can’t praise these enough and have no hesitation in recommending them. They are not a beam, but don’t cost the same as a beam and so easy to put up (compared to a beam), and perform great too. Happy DXing 73 MM6RSP (restricted to 10w)




Geoff and Janet, now that Christmas is over and I have been allowed to open my gifts, I thought that a quick update may be appreciated. Earlier this month, (after the rotten weather), I installed the 20 mtr, 15 mtr and 17 mtr resonant end fed boxes under the house eaves, running the wire antenna with supplied cord tied to rubber bungees then to trees in the garden. The installation is so easy giving a very good swr all along the 20 mtr and 15 mtr bands, however, I did have swr ratio of +2:1 along the 17 mtr zepp for the first week or so, a quick check was carried out and found that the swr dipped below 1.5:1 around 18.35 Mhz. For whatever reason this minor problem has gone, (snow and ice on the lawn below has now disappeared) and there is a low swr all along the band. Having got the antennas up and rig running I have only had a couple of hours or so on air, no DX so far but that's to be expected and I look forward to better conditions. Thanks for the service and I look forward to many hours of operating with the antennas. All the best for the New Year. Regards, Dave GM0KCN

Can you please send me the 10mtr mini ef as the 20mtr you sent me is the best antenna that I ever used for QRP .......Thanks MM6TCH Shane. 73s

Geoff , I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent service both in terms of the advice you gave and the quick turn around in getting my Resonant End Fed antenna out to me. I am seriously impressed in the overall quality of the product it feels solid and is clearly engineered to a very high level. I have yet to try it with my 817 as I have been away but I am sure it will be a fantastic performer........... Paul Jay

Hi Geoff, I just wanted to say thanks for such a good antenna – I’ve ended up stringing it up NNE-SSW in my front garden tied between the metal hinge on my upstairs shack window and a suitable bush and I was getting into Bulgaria just now on 4-5W with no issues. .....Thanks Graeme M6GMB  


Hi Geoff,

Now, for a little bit of feedback on your 20m resonant end fed. basically Geoff one word sums it up "amazing". Last week I had two good contacts into Norway with 58 reports one gave me a compliment on my signal and audio quality for 10 watts. I then had a contact into Finland with a 57 report, a distance of 1200 miles. I have had several contacts into Italy with good reports and tonight I made contact with FG4NN in Guadeloupe a distance of 4107 on 10 watts!!!.....Tomorrow I will write a glowing review for you on eham. Thanks for such a great product. I will be back for more.....73's   Andy (M6AZA)......................Eham report......I have only been a licensed Radio Amateur for a short while and therefore only permitted to use 10 watts as a Foundation licence holder. I had used a G5RV which was ok but this required a tuner, meaning that some of my precious power was being lost in its operation. I was looking for something that would be resonant on the required band and I also needed something that would have a low visual impact.

I came across the G whip end fed and decided to buy one for the 20m band. My initial impression was that the unit was well made and it was very easy to install. My shack is at the bottom of my garden so I attached the box to the top of a pole at 10ft and sloped the antenna up to my house, attaching the other end at 20ft. This was roughly North to South.

My first impression of its operation was that it was much quieter than the G5RV and I was able to hear stations at distances that I had not been able to previously. I made a number of good contacts into Europe with good signal reports, but the most notable contact was with an FG station in Guadeloupe a distance of 4100 miles from my QTH in the UK!!!

In conclusion, I have found this antenna to be an excellent cost effective performer. Geoff at G Whip is also incredibly helpful and always replied to my emails promptly. As someone who is new to the hobby, this is a real comfort.

I since purchased a QRP version for my FT817 and portable work and will be back for a 17M version soon.

Excellent product, quality and service!!

FOLLOW UP>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi Geoff, Just a short note to say thanks for the 17m resonant end fed that arrived yesterday. I put it up when I got home last night and had a little play with it. The band was rather quiet last night but I did get a good contact into Spain who gave me a 59+10db report. I gave him the same report and he couldn’t believe that I was using 10watts and an end fed antenna! He was using 100w through a 3 element beam! I will do a review for you again on eham when I have had a bit more time with it. I want to buy a base system from you at some point to give me access to 80 and 160m, but space is getting a little tight in my garden now. Thanks again for your wonderful antennas. I am continually singing the merits of them on air.............Andy  

Report from Martin M0KZC below.....................

Said I'd give you some feedback on the End fed antenna.  I used the 20m version /P from my caravan whilst on holiday in Cornwall and am very pleased. These antennas are ideal for /P working - easy and quick to erect, robust and with good performance.  Fed with 100W in 'sloper' configuration it easily outperformed my multi band vertical both in terms of signal reports and, of course, received noise. From an unpromising location I was able to work
around Europe and North America (when condx allowed) with solid 59 reports, only VP8 was a 'getaway' owing to pile-up behavoir. I did initially attach
a tuner (just in case !) but didn't need it. You know what's coming next................... I'd like to obtain another for 20m and others for 15 and 10m please. Martin M0KZC

Report from Keith GJ6TMM below......................

Last month i bought 2 Resonant End Feds from Geoff. 1 for 20m and 1 for 10m. I watched Geoff build them and test them on air. When I got back to Jersey I did not have time to test them for a couple of weeks. Since then i have tested them against my vertical multi band. Switching between the vertical and the end fed my received reports went from 55 to 59+.
This evening  i have called once to stations on 20m that were working pileups and got through 1st time. JW ZB2 and HZ1.10m has been the same,1st or 2nd call and they come back to me. All I can say is i need more for the other HF bands.
Thanks Geoff and Janet and GWHIP.......................GJ6TMM Keith

Hi Geoff..................
Many thanks for sending the 20m (14MHz) resonant End Fed antenna.  It arrived the day I went on holiday so I have had to wait a few days to put it through its paces. I was very pleased with the way it arrived, very nicely packaged and of excellent build quality.  I can see that a lot of thought has gone into making a substantial piece of kit. I have got it set up at an angle as suggested and the maximum height is about 28 ft tapering down to 6 ft above the ground. It is also on a cord and pulley system so that it can be made unobtrusive when required. I have been listening to the 20m contest taking part this week end.  I found that the general background noise was very reduced and signals came in sharp and crisp.  I found that some signals came booming in and surprisingly did not register more than 53 to 57. Using the aerial I answered some of the contest calls and made contacts in, Belgium, Denmark, Belarus, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Slovenia. Many thanks for a very nice unit.  I am very pleased and anticipate it will give me a lot of fun in the future. Many thanks for all your interest and, of course, a good antenna...................Roger   2E0IHB

................As a relative newcomer to amateur radio, my first G-Whip order for a 10m end-fed was placed about a week before Christmas.  

Geoff had just run out of ready-made units, but very kindly offered to build one from scratch.  Despite the madness of the Christmas time post, the antenna arrived, sturdily packed, well before the festivities began. The quality is outstanding and a credit to British-built equipment - and of course Geoff himself.  The Kevlar wire, though very flexible, really is amazingly tough and I can't see any way this would ever fail - ideal for my mountaintop QTH with its frequent 70mph gusts.  And of course, the beautifully-made matching unit only adds to the overall quality of these units, as does the provision of all those bits - weatherproofing tape for the coax plug and socket, end insulator and suspension cords, and even cable ties to secure the coax to the matching unit - that other manufacturers typically leave out. All this for £45.  With quality and service like this, Geoff is clearly going to be getting plenty of repeat business from me!
John Rowlands, MW1CFN. Finalist - BBC Radio 4 Amateur Scientist of the Year, 2010.


Hi, Just to say that I managed Ukraine and Greece at the weekend, on 10mtrs with 5 watts. Your resonant end fed antennas do their stuff alright. Very pleased with them thanks. Best regards Brian, G7FAL.


Hi, Last weekend at the Newbury rally I bought a couple of the resonant end fed antennas (a 6m one and your last 17m QRP one) from you. I have just got round to stringing up the 17m version and cannot believe how simple and effective it is. I followed the instructions, hanging the matching box from the eaves and sloping the radiator down to a nearby shed roof in a roughly eastward direction. My antenna analyser showed an SWR of 1.2. As soon as I tuned to the 17m QRP centre of activity I heard a mini pile up around a Danish amateur. Since I just run 5W from an FT-817 I usually don’t bother trying to join in on pile ups as I never get heard but I thought it was only fair to try out the new aerial and got a 56 report straight away. This was a complete surprise and a fantastic way to give me confidence in a new aerial. I can’t wait to try out the 6m version and to get both aerials high up in the open next time I go camping. Thank you for taking the time to talk about the aerials but without any pushy hard selling. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope I can catch you at another rally in the near future (Reading perhaps?) to add a couple more bands at a very good price! ........All the best, Brian G1ZEZ  


Hi Geoff, just a few lines to say that the resonant end fed arrived yesterday. I put it up an I am very pleased with it. I’ve not been on 17m before so to start with I am keeping the power down ( Hope not to cause any TVI ) – I will wind it up, bit by bit over the next few days or so. Anyhow on 10 watts i got in to 9H1 – UX1 – ER3 & I7, using cw & ssb. So I certainly would recommend anyone to buy this version of the end fed especially as vswr is very good.

So thanks again, have a good weekend 73 from Paul in Lincoln.


Hello Geoff,
Just a quick note to say thank you for a speedy delivery as the Resonant End Fed arrived this morning. I have had a play with the antenna set on the end of a 12 foot carbon pole on the side of my shed , slopping to about 7 foot from the ground. I must say I am very impressed both with the quality of the goods and your speedy response to my Emails, but most of all my first few QSO`s were into Hungary, Croatia , Germany and Spain. on 30W..and receiving 57-59 reports ,I can only imagine things will get better when it is fixed in its final resting location up on a pole on my bungalow chimney slopping to the ground.
I will report back when I have tested it more thoroughly ! So ...many many thanks from Cornwall. Best regards..........Martin



Geoff,  I feel I must write about the results on the G Whip Resonant End fed antenna. We used one of these marvellous aerials while operating a demonstration station over several weekends, All the aerials a mix of verticals, dipoles and your 40M end feed, which were put up and taken down each weekend, it was noticeable that with your aerial all we had to do was connect the coax, put the box on the top of the 30 ft mast raise the mast and tie the other end up in a tree, it was resonant and working! Not so with the other aerials: up, down with the mast, adjust SWR!, all the frustration of a demo station, but your aerial was resonant brand new out of the box, we worked almost 1500 stations, most on your 40M end feed, I have another at home, I had noted a GW0 trying with 400 watts to work a DK station on 40M with a G5RV, however on the same band I was using your aerial with just 10 watts I was working a group up and down the county, with 59 reports -- cant think Why! PS how about an 80M version? Best 73 Andy G4MYS  


Hello Geoff, Several months ago I purchased from you 3 End Fed Slopers  40, 20 & 17 Metres respectfully. Being Ex military I knew right away when I seen the Advert KEVLAR as the radiating element. Please add this to your Review page. I’m 2e0tvp Ken from Plymouth. Having installed the 40Mtr, end fed  I got very good reports from around G Land. On the third day in the Morning on the Grey line placed a call out on 40 and got a response from ZL2OZ from New Zealand and we had a 15 min, QSO. The benefits of these antennas are Superb. Hopefully your order book from the South West has been quite busy , I have advertised the excellent quality of these Antennas. I was only running 50 Watts during the contact into ZL. Again thank you very much for your assistance and trouble free transaction …………Regards Ken 2E0TVP !! Very Satisfied Customer.!!

Hi Geoff......Managed to give the 40m mini EF antenna a good going over, so far I am impressed with it an haven't had the chance to try the other 2.
I think the ATU will be sold soon to get some pennies for a pro mobile from you, I have left a review at the Charlie Tango website http://s3.zetaboards.com/copythat/topic/7589553/1/#new and will leave one with eham when I register. Thanks again for your help and understanding kind service.....Kind Regards
Graeme Walker

Hi Geoff. Just a quick update on the purchase of my antenna. As promised, the parcel arrived on Friday so thank you very much for your prompt service. Was hugely impressed with the packaging and everything arrived in tiptop condition. When I unpacked the product, again, I was really impressed with what you supply...rope for lashing the antenna, kite wrap for the antenna element. Even down to the cork protecting the hook! I didn't actually get around to installing the antenna until last night. I've attached the main box of tricks to the eaves of the house and strung the antenna wire down to my 25ft pole halfway down the garden, beaming west to east. I then attached my antenna analyser and was so impressed with the bandwidth...bang on the money for the voice part of 40M!!! Unit #402 was living up to expectations........I then hooked it up to my radio, tuned it to 40M and bammmm!!! I actually worked it out that between 7.090 and 7.195, i was hearing stations at every 3khz interval. Admittedly, conditions were good yesterday but your resonant antenna has definitely improved my setup. I put out a few CQ calls and was reaching mainland Europe and Inter G stations at 59/+10db signals with BBC quality audio on my allowed 10watts. It was a real pleasure to operate last night and I'm sure your antenna made a whole world of difference. I'm already planning on the installation of a 20M EndFed antenna so expect to see an order placed very soon. Keep up the good work Geoff :-) Paul.

From Gary G0DNI: As a previous customer of Geoff Brown (G4ICD) G Whip Antennas, I knew just where to go when I needed a portable antenna to go with my new Yaesu FT-817 QRP rig. I was looking for a no-fuss but highly efficient single-band (20M) antenna that I could use at home or in the field for some low power voice and data communications. I ordered the mini-end fed resonant antenna from Geoff, who as always immediately responded to my email request. The mini end-fed is a low power (50W max) lightweight version of Geoff's normal resonant end-fed and as such isn't intended to be permanently mounted outdoors, although it is finished to his usual high standard. Installation is as simple as hanging the box to a convenient point (from the upstairs window at the moment!) and running the radiator wire (about 10 meters long) down to the nearest suitable object. Everything that you need is included apart from the co-ax , so it doesn't take long to set up. Use in the field for portable operation would be just as simple, but with the box at ground level and the radiator elevated - opposite to my current setup. As the antenna is resonant on 20M, no ATU is needed, just plug the co-ax straight into the rig and you are good to go. I've only had the 20M mini end-fed for 3 days now and I have been primarily using data modes (PSK31 and JT65A) and learning how to drive the little FT-817. As the rig is working hard when sending data, I've set the output power to 2.5W as recommended by other users. So, how is the antenna performing? JT65A data mode is a very low power communication mode with signals being able to be decoded when they are almost inaudible to the human ear. With my 2.5 watts and the mini end-fed, I'm working well into Central Europe from the UK with my best contact so far being with an RA3 station just over 1700 miles away - actually this was my FIRST JT65A contact with the new rig/antenna setup - impressed, you bet! More routine contacts range from 500 to 1000 miles on JT65A with 2.5 watts. The beauty of the JT65-HF software is that it reports to the PSK Reporter network so it's possible to see just where your signals are being received. Remembering that this data mode is a very low power transmit and decode mode, PSK reporter has shown my signals being received in central USA and even one 'hit' in New Zealand. Sounds too good to be true? Go to the PSK Reporter website and do a search for 'signals sent by G0DNI' and see for yourself. Now, do I need the 40M mini end-fed too ......73 Gary G0DNI

Hi Geoff - the antennas arrived safe and sound today and I cant wait for the weekend to get them up now!!
The build quality is amazing!!! When I read your feedback regarding the excellent quality build I thought .. mmmmm .. must be good but I reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh. What can I say .. from the packaging right through to the antennas themselves are excellent. The build quality of the antennas themselves are quite simply the best I have ever seen!! I cannot see corners/cost cut anywhere!! The materials and construction are superb. Anyway, thought I would let you know that I am both thankful and grateful and cant wait to get them up this weekend. I will be building up my collection of G Whip antennas in the not too distant future!!..............Thanks again..............73 Bob Emerson Northern Ireland.........31/1/2013

Having now purchased 4 End Fed Zep antennas (10,17,20 & 40m) from Geoff Brown (G4ICD @ www.gwhip.co.uk) I thought it was about time I joined forces with the others guys and endorsed just how good these antennas really are. The build and quality is absolutely second to none and THEY WORK - No Denying it ! Out of the box, with their very own SWR sweep, hand built and individually tested, complete with all the fittings you need to get on the air in minutes, connect the coax, hang it, slope it and away you go - job done. Exceptional quality products and service to match.
No affilation to G-Whip just very satisfied.
..................G0TOV Mark

3 letters and 1 word to describe this antenna...


To start with, the build quality is simply amazing!!! I purchased this antenna after reading the various reviews and can now add my own personal endorsement. The build quality is quite simply the best I have seen .. ever!! Only the highest of quality materials are used throught (it genuinely is 'milspec') and the attention to detail is excellent. The antenna itself was easy to mount because everything needed is supplied (such as zip ties, self amalgamating tape etc etc). One thing I was particulary impressed with was the low noise floor on reception (-126dB). I wasnt looking for a 'stealth' antenna but the fact that coax is no longer hanging down in the middle of my rear garden is an added bonus (to my neighbours and XYL!!). The fact that this end fed G Whip is almost invisible was an added bonus. Bob, 2I0OTC

Purchased the 20M version end fed yesterday at Didcot. Woke up this morning to find SNOW!!! Got the 20M G-whip end fed up this afternoon, as soon as the snow finished. Apart from freezing in the cold it was a snip to get up and working. A quick push of the on switch, change to correct frequency and BANG into Algeria over a 1000 miles away with 59 in both directions. I got in over the top of the German stations pushing out Kw of power into arrays and beams!! Why didn't I find these aerials sooner!!! They are going to be so easy and efficient for Special Event stations. Can't wait for the 40M and 60M versions now, it's like childhood Christmas all over again................Nigel Auckland  M0NAF 

I purchased a 20 meter G Whip End Fed Antenna from Ian Ross in the UK. Ian was very responsive; he shipped my order right away. The G Whip was very easy to install. However, it was necessary to shorten the antenna to shift the frequency up to cover the frequency of interest. Ian was very helpful and explained how to make the change. It only took a few minutes. The antenna is well made and it's nice to have a resonant antenna for a change. I'm looking forward to making many contacts with the G Whip antenna and my Patcomm PC-1600E.

Steve AA0MV

What more can I say about these excellent antennas. I purchased a 40M one at first and found it to be very well made and after many emails with Geoff I subsequently bought
I also bought from Geoff a 160M one.This one is not made by Geoff but he managed to obtain some on his travels.The main reason for purchasing the antennas was for use on field days and special events by our club Central Lancs. A.R.C. I can only say if you want a antenna which works straight out of the box then these are for you.Top quality and a first class company to deal with.

I decided to purchase a 40m End Fed Zepp after a recommendation, and once the unit arrived it was easy to see why it had been recommended! The build quality is superb and it comes with everything you need to get started straight away. I just had to put the box up and run the wire down the garden (the green kevlar wire quickly becomes lost in the background against trees/bushes etc), connect it to the rig and was on the air straight away. The unit comes with an SWR seep after it's been individually tested, and it works perfectly, all along with great service from Geoff................Chris M0LZA

From Alan G0RTH:

Excellent 40m End Fed Antenna
Having had good experiences with both the G Whip Base antenna and the G Whip mobile antenna I bought this 40m end fed as my inverted L was OK on both 160m & 80m but not so hot on 40m. Superb construction, easy to deploy and works very well. I had tried a cheap competitor but the "matching box" wasn't in the same league as Geoff's and it also didn't have the almost unbreakable kevlar wire. A classic case of getting what you pay for - superb engineering at a fair price. So impressed I've just ordered the 20m and 6m versions.

Posted By M0ZCM………….Still Excellent!
I thought that as I have now been using Geoff's antennas since I started my Amateur radio journey in 2011, I would now do an update. I currently own the following G Whip antennas:
20M EF
17M EF
20M Mini EF
All of Geoff's antennas are of excellent quality and he clearly takes a lot of pride in putting them together. In Operation they are very simple to set up and work flawlessly. They have given me a lot of hassle free enjoyment in the last two years not to mention some great contacts.
If you live in a built up area like me, they present a low visual impact, which in turn means less hassle for you. I have no hesitation in recommending these antennas and will soon be buying a 40M band version.

Posted by M0NAF:

I did promise to update my initial review after more use. Well firstly let me say I have now purchased both the 40M end fed and also the 60M (reviews to follow). I could not be more pleased with the 20M end fed. For example today I got Slovenia, some 800 miles away at 1500 (not a great time of day for 20M in my area) I was using Icom 74100 on 100W. The report back to me was 59 to 59+. My contact, S58WW, was putting 500W into a dipole and he was also getting 59+ from me.  Another big advantage was the lack of noise when receiving a signal. My QTH is noisy with overhead power and telephone cables, plus broadband cables. I was getting 5 level noise until I tuned the signal - then nothing but clear audio. A pleasure to use. So easy to put up; and no problems from the neighbours as the green wire is almost invisible. I can get into US and Canada on 20M no problems. I have a pulley system to the chimney breast so I can drop the aerials quickly and easily, and they are connected using climbing type clips at both ends so I can have them down and in the car in 15 minutes to use them portable somewhere else. Thank you G Whip and RossComm for a great product.

M0NAF Posted: Got my 40M up and running in time for an evening session. (Why has stuff like eating and washing up got to get in the way of important things!!) Into the states with 55 reports on 100W, no problems, and no need for any tuning. All the power into the aerial. What more could I ask for!! These aerials are awesome, easy to erect and not expensive. WHY have I wasted so much cash on other aerials in the past!!!! Thanks G Whip and RossCom

M0AZE Posted:

This is not the first product I've purchased from Geoff, the quality of construction, price and performance would be difficult to beat! I buy with confidence knowing that it will do exactly what it is designed to do. I do recommend to anyone the use of a resonant antenna, for those with smaller gardens these antenna's prove you don't necessarily have to lose out on putting out a good signal.................Have fun!

Posted by 2E0STJ:

This is my 1st end fed 20m antenna, need I look any further ? No I don`t ! this ticks all the boxes, excellent quality all round, made my first contact into Poland with ease and I feared the worst being surrounded by houses here in the UK.
I did try a vertical antenna (fishing pole style)for almost the same price, well I have packed that away until perhaps I go out in a middle of a field or even high up where the air gets thinner !
I must also add the customer service that I experienced with Ian was superb and will be returning to purchase another antenna when needs must as I said you need not to look any further, these work !!
Thank you G whip and RossCom ………………John, 73

Posted by Martin M0KZC

Just thought I'd add an update from my previous post of 2011. In nearly two years of use my original G-Whip end fed zepps are still going strong. The quality Geoff builds into these antennas speaks for itself - I've thrown many other more expensive wire antennas in the bin after shorter periods. The build materials are virtually indestructable, well I haven't managed to break one yet ! Given their robust build quality I still think these are the best option for portable operating (my main usage) having tried many other options. If you got a few minutes to erect a pole and raise a G-Whip zepp in sloper configuration then I wouldn't bother with any of the electrically short so called portable antennas. The zepp will outperform any of these - and I've tried a few !! There really is no substitute for 'wire in the air' plus of course these are resonant so no 'fiddling' or tuners. I've recently bought some more to fill in the gaps in band coverage. I think that speaks for itself.

As previous Geoff is great to deal with, very helpful and responds promptly to requests. Recommended.

73  Martin (M0KZC)

Posted by M0HDF

I got my G Whip Zepp 20m 150W last Friday from Ian - M0CZV at RossComm Radio Communications, authorized reseller of G-Whip.
Very nice quality and excellent packaging. Resonant as per the plot provided first time.
The box robustness and waterproofness seems very good. Very easy to install.
Low QRM on RX, SSB receiving audio was fantastic.
I did about 15 contacts in the SP DX RTTY contest with 5W in no time. I have for now installed the antenna horizontal about 2m height along my garden (NE-SW) in the urban part of B'ham sorrounded by houses.   Very happy with this purchase. I would recommend it to anybody.

Posted By F5VDM

Never been on air so quickly

I bought the 40m version from http://www.rosscomm.co.uk/ after reading the reviews on eham. 
This is one sturdy antenna, but more amazing, I literally through the wire out of my bedroom window and fixed it 2m above ground.  Had some great contacts immediately on 40m without an ATU, very low swr. This is a worthy antenna and I will buying more of them for other bands very soon.......Brilliant!

Posted By G7WCI

Excellent quality, and resonant across the band
Great service from Geoff, the antenna arrived and it is very good quality - way above the usual build quality for amateur gear.  I bought the 20m end-fed antenna, and put it up yesterday in a temporary location in the garden.  Great signal compared with my usual random wire + ATU setup, much less noise.  I will be back for more of these, as they will also be used when camping.

Posted By G8AJM

Delighted with my new GWZ 20
I received my Gwhip GWZ 20 very quickly after my email order and within just 24 hours I’m happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a high performance, discreet, end-fed antenna.  The first thing to notice once unpacked is the excellent build quality; it looks pretty much as if it would meet military requirements. Fittings all appear to be stainless steel with “military” green Kevlar wire and paracord support line. On direct (no atu) connection to my FT-101E it was immediately obvious the receiver had more signal to play with than when my longwire was connected through my MFJ-949E.
Over night I left it connected to my QRPlabs QRSS Ultimate 2 which was running about 150mw in WSPR mode on 20m.  In the morning I had a bunch of reports from the USA and Canada.  With the FT-101E plus the MFJ running in bypass mode (acting just as an SWR bridge) I am getting 1.2 SWR and reaching pretty much everyone I can hear. In conclusion, I’d say that if you need a discreet antenna that works straight out of the box with no atu, this EFHW should be way up on your list. I’m heading for the 15m version next!

Posted By G0AYD

Brilliant and well constructed. I am the proud owner of one of G Whips aerials, its the 10-40 mtr off centre fed version, what a magnificent piece of construction.
It is really good to see a product like this being produced in the UK. The build quality is absolutely brilliant, if you need an aerial buy this one as i've seen the rest and they don't even come close to the finished products of Geoffs' aerials. 

Posted By N4RAY

I ordered both the 40 and 20 meter end fed antennas from Geoff, I can not explain how happy I am with these antennas, I can go out throw a rope up a tree or 6' above ground, pullout the antenna hook it up and start talking, no tuner needed, its a great antenna for home or on the go, I use them with my qrp rig, and there is no other antenna that will get set up so quick to get you on the air, if you have been leary about getting one, get it you wont be disappointed
Rodney Ross  N4RAY

Posted By M0HDF

So pleased, I got another one, Having bought a 20m resonant end fed, I got another zepp for the 15m band. Top quality & performance, fast delivery,... as praised by many people. Worked plenty of DX on cw and ssb running 20W with my 15m version with a 10m pole running as a vertical. I would highly recommended to anybody.......73 de Angel M0HDF

Posted By M6PTG

Up and Running, Just starting out and decided to buy 40m and 20m G Whips to get max power allowed into antenna. Very fast delivery and top quality components  and construction.  Both antennas up and running with strong signals and min swr even though 40M antenna mounted dog leg due space restrictions. So pleased have now decided to buy the 17m and 15m versions as well. Outstanding customer service received from Geoff Brown. Would fully recommend these antennas to others. 73 Peter

Posted By EI3FNB

20m End Fed. Recently purchased a 20m end fed from Geoff. Delivery was very fast, quality is obvious with every detail perfect and install is simple. The signal and ability to get heard with this antenna is superb. I will be going back for the 40m next................Highly recommended.

Posted By EI9GMB

Recommend these antennas, I have already the end fed for 10m and 15m and i use them for my qrp set up i would recommend also these antennas to any other hams. Check my log on qrz.com to see my qso contacts all done with Geoffs end feed antennas, I will buy the 20m end feed soon........by the way all my qso are only on 10ws........not bad hi..........73s de Tony EI9GMB

Posted By VR2AX

80 Metre End Fed

Have a 80 metre version from Geoff for use at my Gower QTH in southern GW on my usually short visits. Ease of install and take down plus decent performance were the priorities.
This antenna exceeded expectations.
SWR - the as built antenna came with a scan which showed SWR centred on 3700 at 1.5:1 with plus or minus 62 kHz to 2.8:1 limits. Mine centred at 3620 at 1.2:1 with about that plus and minus bandwidth. The 80m version is supplied with extra wire coiled around the end insulator, several feet, so the resonant frequency can be adjusted down to the CW end simply by adjusting the position of the end insulator. Measurements on my Elecraft. The antenna was strung from a point on the house at about 25 feet high at the house end to about 6 feet high at the far end insulator end. Just about the only complaint I have is that the length of the antenna was a couple of feet longer than the positioning of the nearest tree in my garden.
First contact using 5 watts from the KX3 was with a G3 some 200 miles away who returned a 57 report with solid copy. I was copying him between 58 and 59 plus a tad at times on the KX3 meter with no preamp in circuit. A 15-20 minute contact with little difficulty followed.
Similar contacts followed. Subjectively the antenna seems to perform much the same as a half wave dipole but without the inconvenience of a long run of coax, at least for general use. Quality of construction is above average. A lot of thought has gone into the finer details.
I will follow up with a more detailed report in due course. Meanwhile I have acquired a 20 meter end fed from Geoff for use when I am /P in Hong Kong. I will post a report on that version after testing.

Meanwhile I am more than happy with the 80 version.

Posted by Edward EI5DE

Hello Geoff,

A few words on my Oct order for the 20 m and 40 m G Whip end fed antenna. My order arrived promptly here in Ireland, and I was able to track it along the way. When the box was opened, it could be seen right away that everything was packed in a safe and secure way. I find the quality and workmanship of the antenna to be everything that I had read in reviews...absolutely excellent,  this was matched by its performance. I have had many different aerials over the years, some homemade some bought.  These G Whip antenna surpass anything that I have ever used. I was on air shortly after unpacking, and had some very good reports from GB and further afield within the first hour.
For me there will be no more making up stuff, I am so satisfied with the service, the value, and performance that I wish to order the G Whip Wide-bander antenna...and get even more enjoyment out of a pastime that I have just returned to after some 12 years.  Please let me know the cost including postage to Ireland, I will use Paypal again.
Regards,  Edward Tuthill.  EI5DE

Posted By G6RRL

Superb quality antenna

Previously only a VHF operator, I decided to expand my hobby into HF.
I bought a 40m G Whip end fed about a month ago and installed it within an hour - just attached to the eaves and sloped the wire down towards the ground, no tuning required. Everything is included in the package, down to the mounting bolt and amalgamating tape. My first (ever) HF contact was some 3000 miles away - astounding introduction to ham radio! I've since been back to see Geoff and purchased a 20m and 10m, and several other bits, and been pleased with every item.
Build quality is second to none, and Geoff is ever helpful with support and advise on his products. As the website says, once you buy one you'll be back for more.

Posted By G0VLF

Hand built, excellent quality, and resonant across the band. Have tried a number of different antennas over the years like most hams, looking for that ideal unit or the next best thing. Came across G-Whip whilst looking for some information or off the shelf products on RF Common Mode Chokes as my new QTH has some QRM issues and as usual was looking to try another antenna or other solution.
G-Whip antennas, and you have a very wide choice to choose from, comes boxed with unbreakable kevlar transmission line and all the necessary components that you need to get it up and working such as; support line plus cable strain relief and fittings which are all stainless steel, top quality IP65 rubber gasket waterproof resin potted box which is carbon loaded and 3.5mm wall thickness, even the lid bolts have seals fitted to them to stop water ingress. Each box is fitted with low loss Teflon/PTFE connectors for coax feeder. Facia board insulator are also included. Ready to go with no required adjustment as each unit is individually hand built and tested. As Geoff states, "on the air in seconds". Every unit comes complete with its own spectrum sweep printout. Regarding my QRM issues, like most hams your ability to hear weak MF and HF signals is limited by noise, generated mostly by solid-state electronic switches within your own house, conducted via the power line to your shack or from there to your antenna by common-mode current on the feed-line. Putting common-mode chokes on your feed-line will substantially reduce your received noise level. To address these issues, Geoff has produced a number of chokes and some of these are included with his antennas or you can purchase them individually, or have one built to your specification. Just send him an Email. Cannot get better service than that!
As an ex engineer with over 22 years in the business, I can categorically say the antenna build quality and attention to detail is superb and second to none!
I would highly recommended Geoff's G-Whip products to anybody...................Ray de G0VLF

Posted By G8OMW

Excellent End Fed Antennas, Very good build quality better than I could do, I ordered a few of these and they all worked very well, no problems at all, put them up and take them down in minutes, you get a great service from Geoff who is just an email away at www.gwhip.co.uk. Highly recommended.

Posted By G8EPQ

Hi Geoff, I'm very pleased with the Windom I purchased from you just after Xmas. Now looking at your Economy Resonant end-fed for 40m as a second antenna......Many thanks.....Regards....Bob G8EPQ

Posted by G4RKO

Hi Geoff Just a quick note to report that the doublet is up and I am delighted with the results. Matches all bands 160 – 10 with the internal tuner in my K3. Works surprisingly well on 160m – 5 contacts last night. Worked Canada this afternoon on 10. I must say that the aerial is not only beautifully built but “properly” engineered. Well worth the price tag.....73  Barry................G4RKO

Hi Geoff, Just a quick note to say that I am camping at the moment, by a campfire, and using your 20m end-fed antenna with a 4w Yaesu ft817.  I have worked all over Europe over the last two days and received very good reports – the antenna works beautifully!  Many thanks…….Nice design and absolutely beautifully made. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you I’d like to shake your hand !!!More orders will follow in due course……………G7WCI

Hi G Whip, what GREAT quality this antenna is, I could not believe the MIL quality of the antenna, choke balun (1/1), and feed-line which was superb. No doubt the positive feedback on Eham will keep you lot busy for years! I will be ordering more antennas from you for /P use. Thanks Colin G4…


Posted by EA2DPO

I am very happy with these antennas. It is a very good buy. They have many small quality details. Great finished. I have 20 and 17 meters for 150w and 20, 17 and 15 for QRP.
They are adjusted and work very well. Great service from Geoff, excellent packaging, first class customer service.In a feew days I´ll order some others and a mobile one. Highly recommended. If any EA want to ask me, can write to my email of URE and will reply in Spanish. (Felix has just bought another 5 units, he now has 10 Resonant End Feds!)

Posted By G7WCI

Brilliantly built, great service and resonant so performs well, I have three of these antennas, a main one for 20m, a portable for 20m and QRP for 30m. They are beautifully built, real quality and top class workmanship.  Each comes with a SWR sweep of the antenna.  The portable 20m and QRP antenna for 30m were custom built by Geoff.  He provides great service and communication. His web site says "you will be back for more" and it is true - I have been back, and will go back again!

Posted By M0MTJ

Very efficient, works well, superb quality. I have bought a number of items from Geoff G-Whip Antenna Products over the years. Geoff's service and attention to detail is always second to none. My questions are always answered professionally and excellent advice is always forthcoming. My most recent purchases are the 4:1 Current (Guanella) Baluns. Firstly I purchased a higher power version (400w) for my 20 metre long doublet at home. The performance increase over the previous balun was impressive. I therefore subsequently purchased the lower power version (150w) for portable and alternative locations.

The design is outstanding and the construction is truly professional - extremely solid. You will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to find anything as well made as a G-Whip design.

Impressive performance.
Outstanding build quality.
Superb service.

Highly recommended for baluns, ununs, efficient and effective and super-strong antennas............................73, Mike, M0MTJ

Posted By GW0UZK

Highly recommended: I am using the 4:1 current balun at the end of the ladder line of an 84' doublet with 30' of coax into the shack.
The quality of Geoffs products is outstanding and  I am confident that it will continue  doing it's job without a problem for many years to come. I am going to buy another for portable use and even if the price doubled it would still be worth every penny.

Posted By F6HHK

Great antenna, I have the 20 m end fed low power (for my FT817). Outstanding quality and perfect match. SWR 1 with Z=50 ohm from 14,030 to 14,120 Mhz, and tuning possible with lengthening or shortening the wire. Very nice for QSO in sloper position with a 10m telescopic fishing pole and the feed point box down, both in portable operation or on my terrace. Very easy to install, no need of counterpoise or ground.....Good job and highly recommended for efficient antenna with QRP power !

Posted By M0IOD

I am  one most impressed and satisfied customer of G Whip. The customer service and quality of the end product are perfect. My first purchase was a 10 to 40mtr version of the ocfd (windom). I could not believe the quality of the components,construction and attention to detail. The OCFD exceeded all of my expectations. Installed at 10m at the feedpoint the short leg sloping off around a 45 degree angle tied off around 3m off the ground. The long leg runs to a fibre glass mast 10m up. The slight excess of 5ft runs vertically down the mast. Anyway enough of my installation, the results all with 100 watts speak for themselves. 40m gives me a great signal around the UK. DX on 40 includes Trinidad. Cuba. USA. Costa Rica and Japan and VK. Switching bands on the same antenna is so simple lots of dx worked on a other bands.
I was so impressed I bought a 20m resonant end fed which yielded great results. So much so that I ordered a widebander on friday night (March 6th) expecting an email back on Monday confirming dispatch Tuesday, imagine my surprise when I received an email within 20 mins of placing my order confirming payment received and antenna to be posted tomorrow (Sat 7th). Brilliant products brilliant quality brilliant service. Buy with absolute confidence……………..Many thanks Ian M0IOD

Posted By M6TZR

Excellent for Foundation Licence (QRP) Low Power

Having recently obtained my Foundation Licence I wanted to install an antenna that maximised my 10 Watts. Having read the positive reviews of this antenna I purchased one for 20 meters. I have not been disappointed. The build quality is mil spec as advertised and easy to install with full fixing kit provided. How does it work in the real world? Forget 10 Watts. I've been operating 4 Watts (QRP) CW and my first QSO was to Italy, my third over 3,500 miles to the USA. Highly recommended.

The Widebander

(A TOP quality 9/1 balun Mil spec wound in IP rated box with a 20 mtr counterpoise and a 22 mtr kevlar sloper)

Hi Geoff, I've been comparing the performance with my trap dipole. Where the whip really scores is that I can put it down the garden away from the electrical noise . The difference on receiving is astonishing!.........73 de Tony G4HHZ

Allan, G7VQV comments: "had a good afternoon with it, was up at Cheese Foot Head, Nr Winchester on the road to Petersfield, and was working IOM, Denmark, Holland, Portugal etc on 20, 40 and 80 mtrs, and did hear the USA...............thanks Geoff.............You made my day"............PS: and today (29/8/2009) I worked the US and lots lots more..............checkout Allans website here

We have had over 50 5 star reports on this antenna, for the price it really is good based around it's optimum resonance of 7MHz, super on 7MHz, good on 14MHz, no good on 28 MHz (no propagation!) and does work on 3.6MHz.

Very pleased with the widebander, had my first qso on 160 mtrs, brill on 80 mtrs and even wkd a VK in Tasmania on 40 mtrs.

Geoff ...The Widebander is a fantastic piece of equipment I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting it out to me so quickly.  It arrived a couple of days after placing the order well packaged and in perfect order as with all previous orders. The antenna is beautifully made opening the unun casing reveals a work of art I don’t think I have ever seen a commercially available amateur radio product so well put together.  Performance is excellent the inbuilt ATU on my radio had no problems tuning the antenna on the bands I tried it on.  I set mine up with the radiator sloping from the eaves of my house and the counterpoise a foot above ground level secured to a fence post.  Very very pleased with the product many thanks Geoff again for all your help and advice. Thanks!..................Paul Jay

Hello Geoff.................I tried out the antenna on a few bands at the weekend when I had a minute or two. I had contacts on 10, 15, 20 & 40m. Best DX with my 5 watts were contacts with two east coast W's and a UA0 on 20m. I had a few contacts on 40m. This is a band that has proved difficult for this QTH. I was quite surprised as I worked DL, OZ, SM, OH & LA first call & no repeats. In total I worked 20 countries, mostly EU's. Didn't have time to get on 80m but I will try it sometime...................Dave,  GM4HQF

This review is for the G Whip Wide-band end-fed antenna. (3.6Mhz to 50Mhz)........de Gary G0DNI

Whilst I appreciate that there really isn't one antenna that works perfectly across the whole spectrum of the amateur bands, I have always had to balance practicality with visual impact. With this limitation my previous antenna of choice has been a full-size G5RV and I've had good results over the years with this simple setup. My current QTH (or should I say the aesthetics of the garden!) do not allow me to have the G5RV erected permanently and although my rig/derig time was down to 10 minutes, this was starting to get a bit tedious.

I was looking for another 'one antenna fits all bands' solution that would have a low visual impact, but still perform to a satisfactory level. I'm more than happy to grab DX when conditions are right, but my normal modus operandi is working UK nets on 80m and 40m and working a bit further into Europe on 20m. I use an Icom IC-706 and a Yaesu FT-757AT semi-automatic ATU that out lived the FT-757GX HF rig.

I came across the G Whip website www.gwhip.co.uk and was attracted by the high standard of construction of all the products and was tempted by the Wide-bander antenna. After a trawl around the web to read reviews an and exchange of emails with Geoff Brown (G4ICD) of G Whip Antenna Products an order was placed and the widebander arrived the next day.

Full details are on the G Whip website, but the widebander consists of a 9/1 un/un balun, approx 22m of kevlar radiator wire and a 20m kevlar counterpoise. Erection is simple, in my case the balun was strapped to a tree trunk next to the shack at about 4m AGL. the radiator is run through the trees, with one dog-leg through a pulley before being anchored to a smaller tree with a bungee. The counterpoise runs down from the balun and along the ground under the hedge line with the end being raised about 30cms. A short run of co-ax connects the balun to the ATU.

The widebander matches well from 80m (3.5Mhz) to 10m (28Mhz) but as my ATU has set bands that don't cover 6m (50Mhz) I can't match at 6m.

I've only been running the widebander for a couple of weeks and conditions haven't been particularly good - especially on 80m, but I'm very pleased with the results so far on 40 m and 20m. Using 100w from IO82, SSB contacts in addition to 'local' UK stations on 40m include:

South of France - F4FJZ
Latvia - YL2KF
Moscow - R3BA
Belarus - EW8QQ
Romania - YO5OHY
Croatia - 9A7DA
Germany - DD2CW
Portugal - CQ73I
Netherlands - PA/M1GEO/P
Spain - EA5ICU
Czech Republic - OK2MI

The conditions on 80m still continue to frustrate, but I have high hopes on this band too.

The best thing of all is that I had the antenna erected for a week before the XYL noticed it - and that was only because I used a red bungee to anchor to the low tree! The visual impact is so low that even I have to look hard to see it.

I will almost certainly invest in one of Geoff's band specific end fed antennas - maybe the 6m (50Mhz) model? (no ATU required!) 

In summary, an excellent (and very affordable) replacement for my G5RV with performance that matches my needs.....Gary G0DNI

Hi just to let you know how pleased I am with the multi-band longwire (Widebander) I purchased from you, I am an absolute beginner and live in a Bungalow in Mold, North Wales, I have a very small garden and limited space. I have run the longwire from a gable end to one corner of the small rear garden and then back to the chimney half way along the bungalow, at the point at the end of the garden the pole is only about 7 feet high but within hours of putting up the longwire - I was having a three way conversation with a friend in Birmingham and a chap in Dagenham on 40m and have had contacts in Romania, Hungary and Tenerief on 20m. I am in a valley and the longwire runs North / south so I never expected it to work so well . I am also very pleased with the quality of the components................Many thanks Bryan MW6BVT

Hi Guys, Sorry I have not replied to you both after all your prompt e-mails regarding what I know was a very small purchase from your respective company's. However just wanted to say the wide bander is a very well made product and I am really pleased. This tool is military quality and that's outstanding at this price. You guys are Amateurs for Amateurs !................Many Thanks..................Craig Hewitt G7BFK.

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the performance of my G Whip Widebander on 60M. I'm a new NOV holder (1 Jan 2013) and have 'widebanded' both my Icom IC-706 Mk 1 and Yaesu FT-817ND. My first experiments with 5MHz were using the IC-706 with the G Whip Widebander being matched with an MFJ-904H manual ATU. The antenna matched exceptionally well and running between 30 and 100 watts I received very positive comments during the Sunday morning Combined Services net. I easily worked the other 5 stations at ranges from 60 to 600 miles (OZ2).

Since widebanding the FT-817, this is now my rig of choice as it takes up less space and the challenge of QRP is fascinating. I use the LDG Z817 auto ATU and the G Whip Widebander works well with only 5 watts. Although it's early days with the QRP rig, I've worked a couple of UK stations on the east coast and south coast at ranges of around 150 miles, again with good reports.

Please feel free to use any of my comments on the website......73  Gary   G0DNI


Hi Geoff,
The Widebander just arrived and I am more than pleased with everything supplied. Your attention to detail is excellent and the hardware is of the highest standard. One look inside the UnUn's waterproof enclosure says it all, top quality and the high strength Kevlar wire will no doubt stand the test of time. I will be testing the antenna this week from my QTH in Bexhill with an FT450D and will of course let you know how I get on.......Best regards and thanks for the helpful pre-sales assistance,

Posted By M0IOD

I am  one most impressed and satisfied customer of G Whip. The customer service and quality of the end product are perfect. My first purchase was a 10 to 40mtr version of the ocfd (windom). I could not believe the quality of the components,construction and attention to detail. The OCFD exceeded all of my expectations. Installed at 10m at the feedpoint the short leg sloping off around a 45 degree angle tied off around 3m off the ground. The long leg runs to a fibre glass mast 10m up. The slight excess of 5ft runs vertically down the mast. Anyway enough of my installation, the results all with 100 watts speak for themselves. 40m gives me a great signal around the UK. DX on 40 includes Trinidad. Cuba. USA. Costa Rica and Japan and VK. Switching bands on the same antenna is so simple lots of dx worked on a other bands.
I was so impressed I bought a 20m resonant end fed which yielded great results. So much so that I ordered a widebander on friday night (March 6th) expecting an email back on Monday confirming dispatch Tuesday, imagine my surprise when I received an email within 20 mins of placing my order confirming payment received and antenna to be posted tomorrow (Sat 7th). Brilliant products brilliant quality brilliant service. Buy with absolute confidence……………..Many thanks Ian M0IOD



The Mobiles

Bicycle Mobile!....................Simon................G4SGI .......Geoff, You might be interested in the following experience I had with the G-Whip on the bike (CARA = Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association). I used the shorter bottom mast as that reduced swing when in motion. The antenna was mechanically sound using a spring base and I had no real problems (it was keen to unscrew itself at times because of the excessive vibration but remained attached). Although I didn’t get as many QSOs this year as last, I am satisfied with the antenna and can confirm that it works impressively on 20m when mounted on a mountain bike. This is a tough installation and I appreciate it when an antenna can still perform even in adverse circumstances like these. Getting transatlantic QSOs on SSB using just 5W from a bicycle really makes you feel like you have achieved something. Thanks once again for bringing this product back to life.

Alan……….G0RTH............. Dec 2012 ................Having had a G-Whip Base dipole for a few years and finding it very good (performing at least as well as a Comet HV-422 but being 1/2 the size and installed a little lower) I thought I'd try the Mobile Antenna. I ordered and sat back to wait as the coils are made to order and individually scanned. I duly got an email with the scan details plus a delivery date. The antenna arrived on the due date and the packaging was superb as is the build quality.
I put the supplied tri-mag mount (optional extra) on my little Fiesta and started to adjust the length of the top section always checking with my MFJ analyser.
I found no problem in getting a VSWR of 1.5:1 or better across the whole of the 160m band (of particular interest as we have a local net on 1.908MHz AM on Sunday afternoons and weekday evenings with a number of stations operating /M or meeting up and operating /P from their cars and I want to join in this activity. I'd previously tried a centre loaded antenna for this band (bought from a major dealer) and using a similar tri-mag mount could NOT get any resonance except above 1.950 MHz! So a definite improvement on that product, and, considering there are coils and whips (with scans showing resonance & bandwidth) for 80/40/20 & 10m the cost isn't much different from purchasing 5 separate antennas.
What is different and a lot better is the service from Geoff (I got an immediate phone call reply to an email query) and the military standard build quality.
I'm looking forward to using this on the air this weekend on 160m and with the other components inside the supplied plastic carry case (including spanner for adjustment) in my boot I'm sure this system will get a lot of use during my summer break in N Yorkshire and the Lake District.
I'll add another review after a longer period of use but 1st experience is good.  

I have had this antenna for a while now and have had some good results from limited activity.

Before placing the order I sent Geoff at G-Whip an email asking if I could swap out the 160m could fit a 17m one as I don't use 160m. This was fine and after a short wait the antenna arrived. The only reason for waiting a few extra days was due to lots of orders having been placed at a rally the day before.

The antenna was well packed and came with high quality fittings and in itself is very well made. Four band coils, a 3/8th mount, hefty ground strap, a whip adjuster and 3 different size whips are provided along with SWR plots taken off that actual antenna.

Setup was straight forward but care must be taken in making sure the mounting point is study, the antenna is quite stiff and can put quite a bending force on the base. I have it mounted on a bracket on my tow-bar fixing. The visual profile is very good as well.

All in all I have yet to find anything I can fault it on, have worked around EU and into the USA on 20m in moderate band conditions. Planning to get out and about a bit more soon to keep the RF flowing into it. :-)  ..................Ian M0PCB

I have tried many different mobile and portable antennas I have finally found one worth using. I use this antenna mounted to a Mercedes Vito and found no problem adjusting it. I have made my own chart showing how long the whip needs to be for different frequencies and this simplifies my use.
I found it is made to a very high standard and if ever this gets damaged I will gladly buy another.
I am a very satisfied G-Whip user

Posted By MW1CFN

Superb Quality, If you've ever bought anything from Geoff Brown of G-Whip, then you'll hardly find it surprising that his Pro Mobile antenna is already getting a 5/5.

It gets another from me. The build quality is absolutely outstanding, the performance excellent and the customer service a model that mass-scale sellers can only dream of.
Took me 10 minutes from saying 'bye' to the postman to sending my first well-matched signals into the antenna atop a 3-point magmount.  No fuss, just a little whip tuning and off you go. Frankly, for the £125-odd price of this antenna with three coils, you'd be silly to look at anything else.

Posted By G3UEQ

Very well made. Got mine a few months ago (2014), build quality excellent, had it up and running within 15 minutes using Geoff's tow bar mount. I had original G-whip from 43 years ago and this one is great. Cannot understand why people use mag mounts for LF band mobile as you do need a proper bond to car body. It can be dangerous with modern car electronics as RF can get back into car without proper bonding.


The Baluns

Before you read the feedback look at "Rogues Corner" as somebody called it!

Hi Geoff
Just to say the balun arrived today.
I am sure you had plenty of feedback already on your products but here goes anyway. I have to say what a superbly constructed item it is from my perspective it brings this sort of product to a new level of quality in the amateur world, I have not seen this sort of high quality in the amateur market before and I now know where my business will go in future for these sort of products. Not only was the unit itself of such high quality I was also very pleased with the extra installation items so thoughtfully included, congratulations on a great product. Great job, Thanks 73 de Mark


Wow G Whip what quality you offer, I bought a 4/1 from a well known business, what a heap of junk for £30.00, a made in China product I guess, but won't be going back there again, I do like my G Whip balun, it's a work of art.....Dave G4......

Works well, NOBODY makes better baluns, made in the UK, puts others to shame .................HiFissb eBay

From Martin G8JNJ: I have known Geoff for some time, and all of his products are absolutely first rate quality, will withstand all sorts of abuse and will work as they are intended to. This is not surprising, as many GWhip products are based on tried and tested commercial designs, which have been sold in large numbers to various governments all around the world. GWhip Baluns and Ununs are unique in that they utilise special mix ferrite materials, which out perform many other types available to amateur constructors (and small scale manufacturers). PTFE covered wire and high grade materials are used throughout. In order to ensure consistent performance over many years of use. This can be verified from photographs showing detail of the construction, and in some cases individual measured performance plots, which are shown on the G Whip website.......www.gwhip.co.uk I just don’t understand why folks continue to buy cheap Baluns and Ununs wound on Iron powder (or similar) core materials that simply do not work properly. It would be hard to make your own version for the same price - Highly recommended......Martin G8JNJ


I bought the 4:1 balun to convert ladder line to coax. This one was one of the ex display models and has a clear perspex lid - showing incredible attention to detail & quality.....Highly recommended..............M5TAW

This product is built to military standards and I reckon would withstand a nuclear bomb. Puts other products at this price to shame. Comes complete with an individual frequency sweep and all the accessories to bond balanced to unbalanced together and fix it in a secure way. Ordered Saturday and delivered Monday. If only other Ham accessories were made this way! Check out the web site ...... www.gwhip.co.uk......Engineering at it's best! M0AZE

Sweep of 4/1 500 watt balun 2 MHz to 60MHz: Red trace is VSWR, Blue trace is return loss

Geoff, I received the 4:1 balun today, Well all I can say is wow build quality is great. makes the other one I have look like a toy!
Just a couple of notes about the old one after removing the lid I found it full of water! not sure how it got in but it has. Also because the toroid has been forced into a box that is too small the output terminals have cut into the windings so shorting them out. also all of the windings are very loose. know wonder it was not working.! Give me a couple of days and I will get a picture to you. Once again thanks for a great product I can now use my 20 meter loop on all bands from 20 to 6 meters without an ATU. Cheers................John

Hi Geoff,
Received the balun ok yesterday thanks.
I can match all bands now with my mfj 901b, the Snowdonia balun I had would only match a few bands and no connection for counterpoise/earth. Used to have a triband beam years ago but just want a smaller antenna to keep the neighbours happy and still be able to have a few contacts and keep the cw going before i get rusty in my old age. Pity the band conditions are very poor yesterday and today but managed a couple of qsos since receiving it. I used to have the full set of G whip mobile coils in the late 60s and they worked really well...Thanks...John.... G3VGU

E-mailed Geoff about his 4:1 baluns on a Sunday evening expecting to get a reply perhaps on Monday........NO, within an hour my balun was packed and ready to be sent out first thing in the morning - now that IS service.
That kind of service gives you confidence right away and I was not surprised to find the balun to be a first class product using good quality materials with thought and attention given to the design and manufacture of it.
It's very rare these days to find any business that puts pride before profit - I would recommend Geoff to anyone but especially to those who are fussy about their gear.

A quick update on performance so far and on the latest baluns coming off the production line by Geoff.

First, the 4:1s I've used on my deltas over the past 9 months or so. Absolutely nothing negative to say at all. Positives: one fell from 2.5m onto concrete when the apex mount of my 15 delta broke. Was the 4:1 broken? Of course not! Just hung the whole thing back, and on the air again in 5 minutes. And they work as you expect them to, only better.

The baluns take some punishment up here at 300 feet, exposed to the Irish Sea gales and salt-laden air. Despite being under a fair bit of tension and whipping about in the hurricanes, I've not seen the slightest sign of fatigue or wear.

Second: the latest 4:1 just sent looks even more robust and, as usual, you get all the little bits and bobs that lets you hook up and finish the job nicely.

Excellent quality and performance throughout. Other than as a returning punter, I have no links to Geoff or his business at all.


Following a house move to Devon, I had to rethink my antenna options, and following several discussions with Geoff at G-Whip, I decided to purchase three of his 4:1 baluns and a Current Choke. Two of the 4:1 baluns are now used in my base antennas (a 3.5Mhz OCF dipole and a 320ft top doublet fed with open wire feeder. The current choke helps keep my portable vertical happy and all are subject to the gales and rain which we experience n this part of the world. The first thing I did when I received the baluns was to unscrew them to see what was inside (well, we all do that don't we!). The standard of manufacture was faultless - as was the attention to detail and there is no doubt that these units will probably outlast me and still look good at the end of it! All in all, given the time spent by Geoff on advising me about the various options, the obvious personal attention to detail during manufacture, and the speed of service, these baluns are incredibly good value, good quality, and they really work well. Like many others, I have bought cheaper baluns in the past, and have experienced the burn-outs/the water ingress/flashovers, etc of inferior quality units. These are different - VERY different indeed and the quality is reminiscent of some of the best products available when I was first licensed back in 1974. I can heartily recommend G-Whip products AND the service provided by Geoff Brown, the manufacturer. Oh, by the way - I have no connection with Geoff or with G-Whip - - I'm just a very demanding customer!

In need of a 1:1 Balun with legal limit rating I searched online looking at various suppliers to work out which would be the best quality and value for money. I quickly came to the conclusion that the G-Whip Balun ticked all the boxes. I emailed Geoff at G-Whip and he very quickly replied back advising me on the type of Balun and core suitable for my needs, description and photo. I ordered on the Friday night and received the Balun on Monday. First impressions were that this Balun was handmade to very high/military specs and was built to last. Inside the core was resin potted using PTFE coax and fitted with stainless steel hardware. Needless to say the Balun works very well as intended and I am very pleased with it. I can thoroughly recommend this G-Whip Balun, an excellent quality product at a very competitive price!  No connection to G-Whip, just a very happy customer!....................Roger MW0IDX

Posted By SM4KAS

Superb product and service

First I bought the G Whip Receive Antenna with a 12/1 balun from Geoff (see my review at www.gwhip.co.uk). After that I asked Geoff if he could make me a balun for mediumwave and a 100 mtr longwire. So he did. Mr Magic proved himself once again and made me a superb medium wave 16/1 balun. On top of that I was lucky enough (by chance) to improve performance on some of the lower frequencies on short-wave. When it comes to baluns, I have found home...

Posted By G4ABX

The best £40 I've spent in a long time!

My antenna is an OCF 'Buckmaster' dipole. After 5 years in the air, The balun failed and is unserviceable. The wire was fine so I thought I would replace the balun assembly and give it a try. I looked at all the options -- including winding one myself but the costs for a 400Watt Guanella balun parts alone came to the wrong side of £60 and then I had to construct the device. How Geoff at G-whip manages to make, package and supply a military grade quality Balun for £40 with recorded delivery, next day I simply can't work out! First class service in every department: Communications, Advice, Manufacture, Purchase, Packaging and Delivery..............Absolutely Brilliant!   As far as I am concerned, G-Whip set the benchmark for other suppliers to attain.

Posted By 2E0FTG

Superb, Top Engineering

I bought a 9:1 UN/UN from Geoff on the 23/09/2013. My god I have not seen top workmanship and quality like this from anywhere in the world. I've brought stuff from DX Engineering in the past and there stuff is really top quality too, but Geoff's items are so much better plus they are made and sold in the UK, so no overseas charges to worry about. At first I had the 9:1 UN/UN at the base of my home made 33 foot vertical ground mounted with only one 20 meter radial and it worked better than any vertical I have spent £££ on with ease no question and its made me contacts to country's I have never been able to work before with only 20 Watts. Today 25/09/2013 I'm now trying it with 66 foot of flexi weave wire in a horizontal square configuration about 12 foot off the ground and a earth wire straight to a ground rod driven into the ground about 12 feet below the 9:1 UN/UN, even in this configuration it has performed extremely well so far. Thanks to Geoff for such top quality items keep up he good work, I will also be buying a top quality choke at some point from Geoff in the next few days. If you need a Balun, UNUN or any wire antenna made to top quality standards and to last a lifetime don't hesitate go to Geoff at G-Whip Antennas.

Posted By M0HDF

Superb quality. Bought one of the Big Boy Choke baluns 3KW PEP RG306 from Geoff. As always, good customer service and fast delivery. The product design, engineering and quality is superb. I would highly recommend this to anybody................73 de Angel M0HDF

Posted By G1HJW

Made to Last

I have Just brought a 40m to 10m Windom (OCDP) and 2 x 1 to 1 Baluns for use in the Far East were I am moving to at end of the year/early next year and when Geoff said to me in answer to questions to my Email's that they would stand up to anything on receiving the items I can see what Geoff has said is very true, there built up to full MIL spec's.
The fittings if anything are over rated for the job, unlike other makers that make items that are not up to the job, I can see they will stand up to anything the Weather in the Far East will throw at them and I will get many hours of reliable use, If I need any other Antenna's I will know were to get them from, If you want an Antenna built to last then its got to be a G-Whip and another plus is all the extras like Heat shrink tubing and waterproofing tape are included in the package it is a real ready to go antenna,... 

Posted By M0MTJ

Very efficient, works well, superb quality. I have bought a number of items from Geoff G-Whip Antenna Products over the years. Geoff's service and attention to detail is always second to none. My questions are always answered professionally and excellent advice is always forthcoming. My most recent purchases are the 4:1 Current (Guanella) Baluns. Firstly I purchased a higher power version (400w) for my 20 metre long doublet at home. The performance increase over the previous balun was impressive. I therefore subsequently purchased the lower power version (150w) for portable and alternative locations.

The design is outstanding and the construction is truly professional - extremely solid. You will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to find anything as well made as a G-Whip design.

Impressive performance.
Outstanding build quality.
Superb service.

Highly recommended for baluns, ununs, efficient and effective and super-strong antennas............................73, Mike, M0MTJ

Posted By GW0UZK

Highly recommended: I am using the 4:1 current balun at the end of the ladder line of an 84' doublet with 30' of coax into the shack.
The quality of Geoffs products is outstanding and  I am confident that it will continue  doing it's job without a problem for many years to come. I am going to buy another for portable use and even if the price doubled it would still be worth every penny.

G Whip Receive Antenna

Having been given excellent reports on your G Whip receive antenna by a VK3 friend who bought one recently I would also like to buy one.
Please advise on the availability and cost including postage to Australia. Best wishes Frank Holden VK3JFH

I have finally got around
to doing a proper side by side test on the antenna I purchased from you earlier this year. I used  my Kenwood R5000 connected through a Diamond CX310 switch to the the G Whip RX, an AOR - 7000 , and a simple six metre vertical length of wire. The  20 frequencies  used ranged from MW broadcast up to 17.895 MHz.  While the AOR7000 performed  a bit better than the vertical wire the Gwhip was invariably at least 2 S points higher and on a few occasions  as much as 3 or 4 S points greater than either of them. The only area where they all performed equally was around 13.900 to 14.300.
I am very happy with my purchase..............Best wishes..................Frank Holden..................VK3JFH


Read the report from Stefan SM4KAS on G Whips receive antenna, this unit uses 6 very special cores and PTFE wire to produce the 12/1 magnetic balun, the high impedance of the 20 mtr kevlar wire is matched down to 50 ohms producing a superb receive antenna.

Posted by ZL4WE:

The components and construction of the G Whip receive only antenna including the magnetic balun is the best I have seen in my 35 years of radio. The very special balun combined with the mil spec kevlar wire and s/steel hardware makes an exceptional product. I have been using it every day for a couple of weeks and I've found the performance to be excellent, with the best all-band performance without a tuner that I have ever heard from a wire approx. 20m long. The balun box has a built-in static discharge system which is a nice touch. In my email exchanges with Geoff (G4ICD)at G Whip I was pleased with his friendly and helpful manner. I unreservedly recommend G Whip antennas to anyone looking for the very highest performance and engineering standards. They have a wide range of types too, including resonant end feds, Windoms and doublets...de ZL4WE

Posted by Mika Moilanen

Geoff, Got the antenna few days ago, tested on the Degen, out performs all my earlier antennas, wire, Degen 31ms active loop and the whip antenna.
I don’t think the Degen 1103 can handle so much signal….. sometimes need to switch from DX to Local. Can listen to Japan broadcasts with full signal bar, farthest SSB’s from Indonesia and Philippines…………..Mika Moilanen, Finland