Commercial HF Antennas:

A new breed of antennas have been under test and operational in the field for the past 5 years or more, these new antennas are “Resonant End Fed Antennas” and they can be produced for ANY HF frequency between 3 and 50 MHz on spot frequencies with a good bandwidth. These units are built to MIL specification and the radiating element is made of Kevlar braided plaited copper wire. The efficiency of the antennas is superb in comparison to a wide-band antenna! All the RF from your radio goes to the antenna which does not contain lossy Iron powder cores, multi ratio baluns, impedance matching transformers or matching resistors.

Here is the first of many dedicated resonant end fed antennas for commercial users of HF in the UK (Amateur and MOD are the only allowed users of HF Comms in the UK) and abroad, this one is for the ATC (UK MOD) and is set/usable from 5.088 to 5.4MHz. It has the usual unbreakable green Kevlar line which is approx. 26 Mtrs long, an IP68 box with rubber gasket under lid and even the screws have rubber washers on them. Fitted with a stainless steel mounting eye on the rear of the box, stainless steel strain reliefs for the Kevlar line and the coax feed. A PTFE coax wound RF choke is also included along with a 10 mtr MIL spec’ coax lead that joins the matching box to the choke. The choke eliminates any stray or returned RF from the coax braid. Superb performance with ALL the RF going to the antenna and no tuner is required. Carry bag, antenna, choke, and choke to antenna coax cable is supplied (10Mtrs), we can also offer a coax feed line with connectors (POA). Antenna is available with BNC socket or SO239



We have just completed the range of resonant end fed antennas for the Australian Network frequencies as follows:: 5455 KHz, 8022 KHz, 11612 KHz, 14977 KHz, 3995 KHz, 6796 KHz, 10180 KHz prices on application (Note that these are for the Australian Network only). We can also supply any COMMERCIAL overseas user with custom made G Whip designed Resonant End Fed Antennas. Email us with your requirements. (

G Whip Antenna Products have been chosen by many of the Worlds top Communications organisations for the supply of antenna related products: G Whip currently supply: Fema


UK MOD ATC, The Australian HF Network, Europol, Homeland Security and several high profile UK Government & Overseas Comms’ suppliers. “Quality at unbeatable pricing”.