High Power Kevlar Resonant End Feds (1KW PEP Tested)

Single band resonant end fed antennas RULE! Maximum RF radiation, no tuner!

Hang the box under the facia/soffit (items supplied to do this), pull out the un-noticeable green Kevlar line (virtually unbreakable) and angle down the garden, and off you go!

Boxed with virtually unbreakable 1/2 wave kevlar transmission line and support line plus cable strain relief and fittings which are all stainless steel, IP68 rubber gasket waterproof resin potted box which is uv protected and have 3.5mm wall thickness, real top quality, even the lid bolts have seals fitted to them to stop water ingress. The boxes are fitted with low loss PTFE UHF connectors (SO239) for coax feeder. Facia board insulator is included. Ready to go with no required adjustment as each unit is hand built and tested individually. “On the air in seconds”. Complete with spectrum sweep printout.

The “Super” 1/1  PTFE coax and high grade Mn/Ni/Zn mix core choke balun supplied with all high power RESONANT End Feds.

This is the high power version incorporating tufnol tube for the coils and special high voltage components. The units have been tested to 1000 watts of pep. Comes complete with 10 mtr professionally made heat-shrinked MIL feeder and Teflon PL259s fitted, 1/1 common mode choke is also supplied in potted box, the choke is made of PTFE coax wound on special mix core over 60 mm in dia (see above picture). Both boxes have condensation holes fitted.

14MHz HP


Models and Prices available for 10 Mtrs = £95.00: 20 Mtrs £110.00: 40 Mtrs £125.00 all plus packing/shipping costs (UK £12.00). Other versions available on request and made to order.

The antenna is end fed, meaning NO coax from the middle of the garden. NO IRON POWDER TOROIDS USED. OUR TOROIDS ARE PROFESSIONAL Mn/Ni/Zn MIXES.

Buy it, try it, and you WILL come back for more of the other versions.

Quality products and low prices.