This HF receive antenna covers 2 to 30MHz. The green wire element is made of kevlar braided wire so it will not break under normal circumstances and has a breaking strain of 90 Kgs so it should last a lifetime. The termination box has a standard PTFE SO239 female connector fitted. Simply screw the provided insulator into your facia board and hang the box from it, then string the green kevlar wire down the garden (approx 20 mtrs), comes with end termination cord of approx 7 mtrs on the spool. Superb performance, fully resin potted rf circuit and wire strain relief fitted plus static discharge circuit this 12/1 balun is the finest you will ever see, made of PTFE Mil spec’ wire and CUSTOM made Ni/Zn cores, the balun is NOT a voltage type it is a TRUE GUANELLA current type. You cannot beat this quality!

Moulded UV protected enclosure which is fully resin potted



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I have finally got around to doing a proper side by side test on the antenna I purchased from you earlier this year. I used  my Kenwood R5000 connected through a Diamond CX310 switch to the the G Whip RX, an AOR – 7000, and a simple six metre vertical length of wire. The  20 frequencies  used ranged from MW broadcast up to 17.895 MHz.  While the AOR7000 performed  a bit better than the vertical wire the G Whip was invariably at least 2 S points higher and on a few occasions as much as 3 or 4 S points greater than either of them. The only area where they all performed equally was around 13.900 to 14.300. I am very happy with my purchase…………..Best wishes………………Frank Holden………………VK3JFH


Read the report from Stefan SM4KAS click here on G Whips receive antenna, this unit uses very custom made cores and PTFE wire to produce the 12/1 magnetic balun, the high impedance of the 20 mtr kevlar wire is matched down to 50 ohms producing a superb receive antenna. Available from stock priced at £74.95 plus shipping or balun only £39.00 plus shipping (The Balun is available in double bolt or single bolt output for dual balanced lines or loop arrangement 600 ohms or single end fed line, both versions come with thimbles and stainless wire locks). Dual bolt version below. Note that we can also offer the Guanella unit in 200/300/450/600 and 800 ohms as required and NO IRON POWDER CORES ARE USED!

Posted by ZL4WE: Jan 2014:

The components and construction of the G Whip receive only antenna including the magnetic balun is the best I have seen in my 35 years of radio. The very special balun combined with the mil spec kevlar wire and s/steel hardware makes an exceptional product. I have been using it every day for a couple of weeks and I’ve found the performance to be excellent, with the best all-band performance without a tuner that I have ever heard from a wire approx. 20m long. The balun box has a built-in static discharge system which is a nice touch. In my email exchanges with Geoff (G4ICD)at G Whip I was pleased with his friendly and helpful manner. I unreservedly recommend G Whip antennas to anyone looking for the very highest performance and engineering standards. They have a wide range of types too, including resonant end feds, Windoms and doublets…de ZL4WE