(Edited due to private matters)

Hi Geoff,  Was feeling down today and through the door comes ’XMAS’ again , a new toy to enthuse me to resume hamming and aim for 126 countries lol ,only kidding.
It’s a lovely unit particularly the presentation box with the high quality units ‘brand name“50 years of G-Whip” label ,makes me feel nostalgic and highly appreciative of you still acknowledging those times. So lucky that you took it on and made such a success of it, guess its classed as a ‘Brand name ‘ nowadays.
Thank you Geoff once again , my kind regards to your wife from us both and I will keep you posted on the antennae installation when I get my Great Great grandson to climb the ladder to the roof apex, he is 7 months old and full of beans unlike me Hi!

Cheers….Frank GW3DZJ “The G Whip Man” 1967 > 2017
Do I have to put it back in the box EVERY NIGHT ? lol


10/20/40 mtrs just 12 mtrs long worked 125 DXCC Countries in 12 hours of operating!