HI Geoff, Many thanks, the antenna arrived on Monday. Got it up yesterday, and had a few contacts including HI3 on 40m and 9K2 on 20m. I called CQ on 40 cw this morning and VK3XU, Drew in Melbourne  came back, and we had a solid QSO at 569 – both running  100W.  Looks like you’ve produced another winner Geoff!  Can’t wait for 10m to open! FYI, I run mine as a bottom fed sloper with the top pulled up into trees.  With this aerial, the 40m section needs to be out in the clear otherwise the  tree branches de-tune it.  The single banders are less fussy. Best 73s  –  Colin G3USA

(Note: The 40 mtr section can be adjusted, with just 10 to 25mm it will move the frequency should you have slight off resonance….Geoff G4ICD)