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Make your own single band resonant end fed antenna by just adding approx 1/2 wave length of wire, NO TUNER/MATCHER REQUIRED, no counterpoise, EG: Cut 10 mtrs of wire for 14MHz and trim it by folding it back on itself for perfect resonance.

Moulded UV protected enclosure with stainless steel hardware, ceramic insulator, resin potted Stainless Steel strain reliefs, SO239 socket or BNC socket by request, made with the highest quality components, bargain of a lifetime and just look at that bandwidth!





1/2 wave matching box:

150 watt version £35 plus £6 UK post

250 watt version £40 plus £6 UK post

400 watt version £50 plus £8 UK post…………….(in stock)

1000 watt version £65 plus £8 UK post (in stock)

All come with thimble/ss wire lock/insulator etc, just add your wire!

Using a manual matcher/tuner will result in the antenna to be matched to other bands as it offers a near resonant match on even harmonics. EG: If a 40 mtr long wire is used (half wave on 80 mtrs) then 80/40/20/10 mtr bands and 60/30/17/12 mtr bands can be used but not guaranteed.

If a 20 mtr long wire is used then coverage will be 40 mtrs (1/2 wave), 20 mtrs (full wave) etc.

150/250/400/1000 watt versions available

HI Geoff, Many thanks, the antenna arrived on Monday. Got it up yesterday, and had a few contacts including HI3 on 40m and 9K2 on 20m. I called CQ on 40 cw this morning and VK3XU, Drew in Melbourne  came back, and we had a solid QSO at 569 – both running  100W.  Looks like you’ve produced another winner Geoff!  Can’t wait for 10m to open! FYI, I run mine as a bottom fed sloper with the top pulled up into trees.  With this aerial, the 40m section needs to be out in the clear otherwise the  tree branches de-tune it.  The single banders are less fussy. Best 73s  –  Colin G3USA

(Note: The 40 mtr section can be adjusted, with just 10 to 25mm it will move the frequency should you have slight off resonance….Geoff G4ICD)

The new 40/20/10 Resonant end fed @ 12 mtrs long has hit MEGA sales, at half the price of the big shops (and better built with Kevlar) this new antenna has produced over 200 sales since January. This is the best engineering you have ever seen!


The Resonant 421 Tri-Band End Fed: 40/20/11 or 10 Mtrs.

You can download the information/installation sheet below.


(Also covers 10/18/21/24MHz with a manual tuner/matcher, components may be slightly different from pictures subject to availability)


Above: UV moulded matching box, SO239 socket, high quality ceramic insulator, ptfe wire wound Ni/Zn core or dual cores, Strong Kevlar MIL spec wire, Waterproof inductor PTFE wire wound, all hardware is stainless steel……………..a fabulous unit, value for money and priced right!

Below: Sweep showing 7/14/27/28MHz


Test sweeps for 7/14/27/28MHz: These will vary depending on installation but suggested installation is sloping straight line for best VSWR & radiation pattern, no inverted “V”:


Above: 7MHz Sweep


Above: 14MHz Sweep


Above: 27/28MHz Sweep


421 Triband End Fed launched Jan 2017 which is G Whips 50th year, superb performance. During 12 hours of the  CQWW contest last October (noted as poor HF conditions due to Solar Activity see PW comments) we worked over 125 DXCC Countries with ease. At 12 Mtrs long it will fit in most back yards and is fabulous for Portable use. Comes with FREE carry case as promotional offer, ptfe wire MIL spec wound Ni/Zn core or cores, kevlar lines, end support line and screw in insulator etc etc. available now. Models:  150w/250w/400w………….SO239 socket as standard, BNC/”N” Type special order.

150 watt pep version £75.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

250 watt pep versions £85.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

400 watt pep superb unit £95.00 (in stock UK p/p £11.00)

1000 watt pep £135.00.  ( in stock UK p/p £12 ) This unit uses MEGA Ni/Zn cores and PTFE 7 MHz resonator.

P/P is UK special delivery at cost price insured for £500.00

(Also covers 10/18/21/24MHz with a manual tuner/matcher, components may be slightly different from pictures subject to availability of build parts)