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Great report! READ IT!.


PS: Tracer Li-Poly does have a special certification to use/transport on aircraft.

Certified Safe………….

“All Tracer Lithium-Poly batteries conform to standard UN 38.3 which is the ONLY relevant safety standard for lithium batteries. Our battery packs have been through a rigorous testing procedure by UN certified inspectors. You should NEVER handle a non-certified lithium battery pack.”

Above: The 22 amp and 7 amp units as used in our systems, also 10 watt FT817…de Ed

“I have personally used these units for systems in South Africa/The Gambia and had no problems in shipping the units”….de Ed


421 MULTIBAND RESONANT END FED PRICES: Built with MIL Spac Kevlar braided wire.

150 watt pep version £75.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

250 watt pep versions £85.00 (in stock UK p/p £11)

400 watt pep superb unit £95.00 (in stocks UK p/p £11.00)

1000 watt pep £135.00 (UK p/p £12 ) This unit uses a MEGA core type 43 and HD PTFE 7 MHz resonator.

P/P is UK special delivery at cost price insured for £500.00

More info???


Hi Geoff, As mentioned, I have brought my new G Whip 421 end-fed down to South Africa to accompany my KX3. It’s currently strung up at 2m AGL outside our national park bungalow and I’m working a local contest on 40m. First contact 700km with 5w and no problems. Second contact 500km with 59 report received. It’s a great traveling antenna. Best 73 Nigel ZS2/GJ7LJJ

This is a superb made unit and works very well on 10/20/40 Mtrs at just 12 mtrs long, during tests we worked 125 DXCC Countries in 12 hours under poor HF conditions. In 4 weeks since its’ release we have sent out over 100 units and the reports have been fantastic. Check the info and prices page for pricing and stock situation….Ed


(Edited due to private matters)

Hi Geoff,  Was feeling down today and through the door comes ’XMAS’ again , a new toy to enthuse me to resume hamming and aim for 126 countries lol ,only kidding.
It’s a lovely unit particularly the presentation box with the high quality units ‘brand name“50 years of G-Whip” label ,makes me feel nostalgic and highly appreciative of you still acknowledging those times. So lucky that you took it on and made such a success of it, guess its classed as a ‘Brand name ‘ nowadays.
Thank you Geoff once again , my kind regards to your wife from us both and I will keep you posted on the antennae installation when I get my Great Great grandson to climb the ladder to the roof apex, he is 7 months old and full of beans unlike me Hi!

Cheers….Frank GW3DZJ “The G Whip Man” 1967 > 2017
Do I have to put it back in the box EVERY NIGHT ? lol


10/20/40 mtrs just 12 mtrs long worked 125 DXCC Countries in 12 hours of operating!