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New Owner

New Owner

I am Andrew GW0UZK. I am pleased and proud to be the new owner of GWhip and promise to maintain the [...]
G Whip returns to its' birthplace! WALES

G Whip returns to its' birthplace! WALES

Mid June will see a new owner of the business. All stock, spares and manufacturing is being transfer[...]
New Owner Takes Over in June!

New Owner Takes Over in June!

Mid June will see the take over of the business from the current owner, all stock, spares and manufa[...]
Resonant End Feds...........make your own!

Resonant End Feds...........make your own!

Make your own single band resonant end fed antenna by just adding approx 1/2 wave length of wire, NO[...]


We have sold lots of the mini Windoms, superb for portable use, £65.00  plus packing & shipping!  Mini-Windom (OSCD) 40 to 10: 66 foot (20 mtrs approx) off set…….READ MORE


Here you will find excess stock clearance, non stock items and used equiptment.

When they are sold they are sold!


The Resonant End Feds.

G Whips RESONANT End Fed antennas took the market by storm many years ago. We have a KEVLAR version that won’t break and won’t break the bank! and a HIGH POWER version. All are SINGLE BAND RESONANT antennas made for one band to get MAXIMUM RF out. We also manufacture a Tri-band version so checkout the news pages or you can buy the matching boxes to make your own unit for single or multi band use. Prices start at £30.00. Check out the pages……………..HERE


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